Does the average human being really know the difference between religion and spirituality? Do you know the difference and are you the average person? We go through our daily walk through life thinking that we know everything, thinking that we are aware of everything and thinking that we are educated but when it comes to spirituality and religion, so many of us are totally missing the point.

We think of the major religions and cults and we think that these are the ways to be closer to God and we think that these are the ways to get to our Heaven and we think that these are simply the ways to live, yet we really never know the truth because we might be so busy trying to follow what we think are the rules that we miss the reality of true spirituality.

What becomes of the Catholics who dress up on Sunday and curse the world for the rest of the six days of the week? What becomes of the Catholics who walk the stations of the cross at night and by day never see that homosexuals are human beings created by the very God that they believe in? What happens to the born-again Christians who on one hand would hate abortion but would think that it is okay to murder an abortion doctor? Where are the christians who say they love the Lord but do severe damage to their own families? Where are the buddhists who think they believe in God but in their hearts believe in only themselves? What happens to the Catholics who believe that the Pope has some extra power, some extra authority over a whole religion yet do not realize that God made us all equals and made no man infallible on this earth. What happens to the Catholics who believed in the fifties and sixties that eating a hot dog on Friday would surely send you to hell, but who now are allowed and permitted to eat any meat on Fridays? Are there catholics in hell who ate hot dogs on Fridays in 1965 and catholics in Heaven who ate hot dogs on Fridays in 1998? These are just questions, not judgments, but honest, sincere questions for anyone that thinks they know the answers to them, then I challenge you for those answers.

What happens to the Catholic priests who taught the eat meat on Fridays and go to hell doctrine, who at the same time might have been seducing young men in the church society? Before you balk at that and those questions or statements, go back and read all the news items and go back and remember the stories that leaked out into the front pages. Were these not religious men? What happens to all the women, dressed in their finest on Sundays, who smirk at those who walk into the church in blue jeans and t-shirts? Is it religion that demands that people put on a show and is it not spirituality that demands God accepts you as you are, accepts you as you come to Him?

What are you? Are you religious or are you spiritual? Are you one of those blessed to be able to be both in real life? Perhaps the biggest difference between those who are solely religious and those who are spiritual is that those religious persons usually focus and face rules and regulations putting true love, true respect and true acceptance on the back burner of life. You can be religious and hate humans but usually you cannot be spiritual and hate humans because that is a direct contradiction to the terms. Some religions demand that you hate certain acts and sometimes those religious people interpret that into meaning that you should hate those human beings and avoid those human beings. Yet, in the real world of actual religious and spiritual history, Jesus Christ never really avoided or hated anyone.

If you remember the stories of Christ, then you remember there was never anyone quite as perfect as He was and is. Therefore no one stood up to His standards, no one could and no one would and no one will ever stand up to Christ’s standards. Only as humans we can try, but the unfortunate problem with some of our tries is that we expect our fellow humans to be the perfect that we can never be. Isn’t that odd? We expect others to be perfect when we ourselves cannot be perfect.